Dolphin Life Lessons

I recently went swimming with the dolphins on the Island of Bimini in the Bahamas. I was completely awed by the friendliness and the curiosity of the dolphins there.  I learned many lessons that I find applicable to the polyamorous lifestyle.

1. Make more love – it is said that dolphins spend 30% of their lives in sensual and sexual play.

2. Variety is the spice of life – dolphins seem to enjoy both heterosexual and homosexual relations with many partners.

3. Inclusivity – dolphins seem to be very inclusive. Attraction seems to extend to different species of dolphins. Bottle-nose and spotted dolphins hang out together, mate and reproduce. Dolphins have been reported to also have attractions to porpoises, small sharks and humans too.

4. Group Bonding – Group sexual play is not uncommon. The groups consist of several young males and sometimes a couple of females.  Sexual contact is often other than intercourse – use of flippers, snouts and rubbing genitals against each other.

5. Pleasure-loving – most of the time sexual relating is not done for reproduction but more for pleasure and bonding. The females only get pregnant every 3 to 6 years.

6. Touch Much – There is lots of tactile contact among dolphins. Dolphins are very sensitive to touch. They often rub their pectoral fins against each other to express affection.

7. Playfulness – they are very social and sure seem to have fun whether they are surfing the waves with their fellow pod mates or slowing way down so they can have intense eye contact and a swim with a snorkeler.

8. Fluid Communities – dolphins seem to move in and out of communities called “pods.”  Present needs determine whether to stay or change.  Whole pods also join together to form “herds.”

9. Cooperation – dolphins work together to get their needs met.  This can be seen during feeding, mating, and birthing.  Also there are “babysitters” for the young and “aides” to help  the new mother.

10. Smile – Last but not least, the shape of the dolphin mouth creates the appearance of a smile.  For us as humans, what a great reminder to smile more and appreciate the great gift of being alive.

Swimming with the dolphins was such an exhilarating experience.  I encourage all of you to break out of your routine on occasion and do something that will challenge you, expand your horizons, and give you fresh ideas and energy to bring into your daily lives.

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