Give Love!

I’ve adopted MC Yogi’s song “Give Love” as my polyamory theme song.  When you give it consciously, watch LOVE grow!

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4 Responses to Give Love!

  1. sandygrace says:

    I also know that most people have “affairs” in a “monogamous” relationships. This discussion of open relationships is good. So I am working on being supportive with my partner’s other love. We do not want to keep secrets.

  2. sandygrace says:

    Love your neighbor, Love your enemy, Give love and you get it back, on and on good sayings for peace and justice.. They’re not talking about Sex… I am still having a hard time being open to poly sex partners.

  3. diane says:

    far out!

    • Bhakta says:

      Nope it’s not a situation that many peolpe are open too, and yes Jealousy plays a BIG part of that. I haven’t watched this show & don’t intend to. What I would like to see is other forms of Poly relationships. You can be Poly & not all live together. House full of men? Welllllllllllllll maybe as a trial run, but they BETTER do the dishes AND have fantastic aim in the bathroom!! LOL!! Love is love whether it be for 1 or several. I love my lover in the same way I love my husband. I’ve been with both for the same amount of years. Shared alot with both (and NO, not together at the same time trust me I get asked that ALOT). I feel the human heart sure can have room for more than one love.

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